The Sanders-Cruz debate was a welcome breath of fresh air in our otherwise stagnant national political discourse. Of course, it would be more welcome if Senator Sanders could find the time to take a remedial economics course, but that may be too much to expect from a man who once described the classroom as "boring and irrelevant"1.

As a general rule: If you cannot label2 the following chart, you should not be discussing economics.


  1. While it is tempting to make the easy "much like Mr. Sanders himself" remark, it would be inaccurate; in truth, Senator Sanders is seldom boring (if often tedious) and far from irrelevant (as he has quite a following amongst the illiterati). ↩︎
  2. For Mr. Sanders, I would even be willing to go so far as to offer him some letters with which to start: D, P, Q, & S. ↩︎